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Warrior Priest hoooo!
« on: September 25, 2008, 01:59:21 PM »
Characters & Classes:
  My Warrior Priest Villistasmus, currently R6, RR5.

Age: 21, I'm getting old.  :(

Location: Lincolnshire, UK.

Timezone: GMT.

Gaming Style:
  Currently playing things far too much but then I guess that's what happens when you have time to burn, I wouldn't call myself hardcore because honestly, "Hardcore Graham" or "Graham, the Hardcore" doesn't sound right but still...
  Must say my play style within WAR is still being decided since I only got the game a couple of day ago, but I definitely enjoy the hybrid style the Warrior Priest brings and afterall, what's more fun that bashing some big green lump with a big hammer then healing up and walking away laughing?
  So far though I definitely enjoy the PvP/RvR/Scenarios, got this boy to R5, RR5 with nothing but Guns of Nordenwatch before deciding I should probably do a few quests to get some pennies/armour. ;D
  However, with being new to the game my lack of in-game knowledge shows and will probably make me rather annoying with lots of questions at the start. Which will be lots of fun for you! :P

About you:
  Well, my name is Graham, I recently finished studying programming and found that unless I have 3+ years of experience I'm not wanted :( So I have a lot of time to burn for now. At the minute I'm burning it with my books/music/playing my bass/and now WAR until my S.O. comes home later in the evenings.
  I come fully equipped with a love of Fantasy/Sci-fi books (though I lean more to fantasy side), Anime, and Music (Ranging from classical (though I couldn't tell you a damn thing about most of it other than it sounds good) up to black/death metal and across to J-rock and lots of others in between). I also have a thing for old horror movies with really bad effects that make you want to laugh more than cringe IE. Night of the Living Dead (The original). And of course the MMO game, having played more than I realised now such as AO, UO, SWG (Pre and post combat levels, though admittedly not for long post), Lineage II, Knight Online, and WoW for way too long.

Questions for us?
  Why didn't you whip the guys cloning the server to make them work faster?
  And speaking of cloning will you all be moving over to the clone or staying put? Not really bothered either way but so I know :p

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Re: Warrior Priest hoooo!
« Reply #1 on: September 25, 2008, 04:34:05 PM »
hi graham

thanks for the application

just /t beosvir ingame when you can catch him online or maybe he will reply here
i would say /t me keggi but im going to be jumping in and out of the game today.

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Re: Warrior Priest hoooo!
« Reply #2 on: September 25, 2008, 04:45:17 PM »
Aye look out for me soonish.

We are staying on Karak Hirn - for the simple reason its where Bugmans Brewery is in the lore :D
"May God stand between you and harm in all the empty places you must walk."