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Blizzard just confirmed Russians will be the only ones to have their own servers in classic and they are pissed French/german and everybody else will be mixed in together just give me a infinite ignore list and that would be helpful.
They are testing classic AV this coming weekend. Invite meh you cnuts. :'(
After spending some time in this stress test/beta
must say it was like going back in time the people gave me that community feeling again people chatting lots of banter level 5(capped at 5) raids to orgrimmar and on Hogger.

some tw*t stole my name and i had to run around as Backdrafts.
Well it was like going back to 2005
big queue
char creation timed out
back of the queue which was 2.5k long. :)

edit: got in this morning resist is a bitch.
Well just found out the stress test is from midnight till 2am tonight uk time after somebody told me it was at 11am today they can screw that. :o
2 minute respawn?

I remember queueing for Hogger far longer :)
Well I got in to the server stress test for classic as it only lasts for two hours it may be over before I get in lol.

edit: seems its at 11am today so probably 2 hrs of trying to tag a mob with a 2 minute respawn timer or something.
Hi Ash only really me(BD) and Caradir(Bigcogg) seem to frequent these forums anymore don't even see Jon's name on the site though he could be on at 3am or something.

I still play retail but its not the same hardly anybody from 2005/6 playing does not feel like the same guild anymore the newer people are probably good people and it may be me getting older but I find I cant be arsed with them lol.

I will be playing classic but if there's nobody else i know on i probably wont last long and i know it will not be the same anyway but its worth a try.

Yeah i was looking at the old videos you did on youtube recently you dont get fun like that anymore.
MMO's we have played / Re: Private servers for previous MMO versions/shuttered games
« Last post by Ash on May 17, 2019, 10:46:57 PM »

Clearing out the old files on the PC and found loads of old WoW screenshots and even an interview I did with Ashaar.

Felt like reminiscing, so thought I'd say hi! :D

Hi team! I was also just reminiscing about the old 2006 Molten Core days and wondering if I wanted to bother getting back into wow in BFA or not... Other than when i was at uni in 2007-2010 i've played at least a little bit of solo content every year since then, but pretty much gave up on it all last year. It's never been quite the same as early HoJ days and I'm not sure WoW classic is going to do the job, sadly.

Anyone from original HoJ/Synch still playing WoW?

Kurtt! Good to see you still exist :) What's this interview? I have no memory of that at all.

Just spent some time watching through some truly awful videos of our old raids though, and the Karnival is still brilliant :) - some memorable old voices on TS in those vids.

While i'm feeling nostalgic, and hopeful that some of the old crowd will read this, a truly big heartfelt thanks to all those people from back in the day for making some really happy memories! (don't worry, i'm not dying or anything, just having a moment :) )
MMO's we have played / Re: WoW Classic - Dev Watercooler Post
« Last post by Caradir on May 17, 2019, 08:35:12 AM »
thats a possibility ;)

Dont get me wrong i would love to relive the early days of WOW :D
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