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Unlockable emotes and titles
« on: May 16, 2008, 04:36:24 PM »
As promised ill try and compile a list below (sure there is more)

the increments are the maximum daily increase, so 1 person could do it all for you or get multiples to share the pain.
so for me to get the /firebreath emote id need some one to /cheer me 5/day for 20 days. (


/cheer -> /firebreath needs 100 5/day
/bow -> /heropose needs 100 5/day
/laugh -> /juggle needs 200 6/day
/salute -> /swordsalute needs 100 5/day


/flirt -> the alluring needs 100 5/day
/confused -> the beffudling needs 100 5/day
/kiss -> the beloved needs 100 5/day
/bored -> the dull needs 100 5/day
/beg -> the harrassed needs 100 5/day
/thank -> the helpful needs 100 5/day
/angry -> the infuriated needs 100 5/day
/rude -> the insulted needs 200 6/day
/cower -> the intimidating needs 40 2/day
/scold -> the naughty needs 100 5/day
/mock -> the ridiculed needs 100 5/day
/surrender -> the victorious needs 40 2/day

Breakfast Connoisseur eat 9 eggs and onions
9 crispy bacon
9 hobbit breakfast
9 hobbit omelet

Carnivore eat 3 Roast Pork
3 Coney Pie
3 Pork Sausage
3 Coney Stew
3 Steak & Kidney Pie
3 Beef Stew
3 Delicious Crispy Bacon
3 Pork Chops
3 Salted Beef Delights
3 Roasted Chicken
3 Delicious Steak
3 Roast of Heroes

Pie Maven eat (pies) 7 mushroom
7 steak n kidney
7 coney
7 apple
7 perfect

Pie Eating Champ There is a 33% chance that, on any morning, there will be a pie eating contest at the Fair Grounds in Bree-land. By winning the contest, you can obtain this title.

Vegetarian eat 6 Mushroom Pies
6 Fried mushrooms
6 Cooked carrots
6 Stuffed cabbage
6 Vegie Medley
6 Ultimate carrot cake
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