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SoM issues
« on: December 02, 2009, 05:57:01 AM »
There are some problems with corpses of mobs not despawning (and thus not respawning either) properly:

The problems with skirmishes is according to the USA forums because of high traffic in the areas. If you intend to do the skirmishes from get-go, it might be advisable to park somewhere where you do not expect heavy concentration of players (I think I'll park Fitzer in Tinnundir).

The shared vault seems to produce some odd results when stacks are combined in the shared vault (if you have pre-ordered the adventure pack, that is). The correct procedure seems to be you should combine stacks in your own bag, don't do it in the shared vault, as the items seem to get misplaced (some claim they might disappear).

Be sure to have empty bag-slots and and quickbar slots. Dunno how many of the things we get on the EU side as they got on the USA side, but seems things disappear if there are not enough slots open for all of the stuff.