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The Dog & Duck / +1
« on: August 06, 2014, 07:33:08 AM »
Hey folks,

Just to let you know that last sunday my daughter Pleun (it IS pronouncable in Dutch!) was born. Mother and daughter are fine. They're coming home from hospital today (was c-section).

General Gaming / japanese tbs games
« on: August 26, 2013, 05:23:00 PM »

General Gaming / WarThunder
« on: July 10, 2013, 10:03:32 AM »

Planetside 2 / Updates
« on: January 12, 2013, 05:10:54 PM »
Announced January update (30 Jan) and some more promises for the future. Good stuff!

Letter from the Creative Director - Update 2
Date: 2013-01-09 11:38:00

Hey all!

Happy New Year, I hope you all had a great 2012 and are having an amazing start to 2013. On the Planetside 2 we had a pretty **** fantastic 2012, but we're looking forward to even bigger and better things in 2013! I've said before that while 2012 was the year that Planetside 2 launched, 2013 is the year when we're opening up the afterburners and aiming for the stars. After a well earned rest the team is energized and ready to get back to "kicking *** and fixing bugs. And we're all ou--" er, oh yeah, okay, we've still got some bugs to fix.

While we were out we were still paying attention to the forums as well as twitter, reddit, facebook and all the other places you guys interact with us; we've heard a lot of your excellent feedback, ideas, concerns and consternation. One of the biggest goals of our team has been and continues to be listening to our community and following YOUR direction for what this game needs to become. We're going to be talking a lot more about this philosophy in the coming weeks and how community involvement is going to directly impact our development schedule & priorities as we reveal "our" plan for the next 6 months. For now, we wanted to address some of the biggest issues we're seeing come up over and over again, so that's what we're focused on for January's update.

Game development can be messy and there is always the possibility that something from this list may slip or not pass QA, and more details will be released on the specifics of all of these items as we get closer to the patch date, but I wanted to get this info out to all of you as soon as possible, so with that in mind, here are some highlights from what the team is working on finishing up for LU02 which will be released on 1/30/13:

  •     General performance increases, particularly for lower end GPUs
  •     Dynamic XP system for player kills, players who have more kills on their current life are worth more XP. Freshly spawned players will be worth a fraction of the current kill reward.
  •     Partial damage XP for dealing damage to vehicles that you don't end up killing
  •     Population XP / Resource bonus moved over to continent population instead of global
  •     Better display of XP sources for things like defensive bonuses & population bonuses
  •     Rebalancing of XP rewards to help support tasks
  •     Server transfer token available in Depot
  •     UI changes to emphasize score per minute as a primary metric of player comparison
  •     Sortable columns on outfit management & addition of "last online" column
  •     New weapon type for all empires: SMG
  •     Short period of invulnerability will be added to freshly spawned / revived players - breaks upon game actions such as entering a vehicle or using a weapon.
  •     Dynamic / player configurable colors for minimap & overhead indicators for enemies, friendlies, and squads within a platoon
  •     New Hot Spot system that displays where active fights are occurring on the map
  •     New spawn buildings with more exits, protected balconies and easy roof access to make them less campable.
  •     Tunnel systems for amp and tech facilities to give access from spawn rooms to interior of bases and base walls without having to go above ground.
  •     Making MAXes render more reliably at long distances for players in vehicles
  •     AA improvements, notably flak changes for turrets and skyguards, giving them some better ability to aim, although not drastically impacting their DPS.
  •     Fixes to missiles so that they more reliably detonate and actually blow stuff up
  •     Air vehicle weapon tweaks
  •     Increases to reload speed for certain HE ground vehicle weapons
  •     And of course... lots of bug fixes

Whew, it's going to be a busy month! We know this doesn't address every issue that's been brought up recently but we hope it knocks out some of the big ones. Hopefully you will see from this update (and the feature plan for the next 6 months, when that is revealed) that we're taking your feedback and concerns for the game very seriously. We're here, we're listening and we're committed to continue to work with our community to build the best online game the world has ever seen.

As always, your feedback is very welcomed, here, on reddit, on twitter and everywhere else you may find us.
Cya on Auraxis!
Matthew Higby
Creative Director - Planetside 2

Edit: I wanted to add that just because you don't see things like "metagame fixes" or "render distance" on this list doesn't mean they're not high priority changes or that we're ignoring those issues - they're just larger problems and as you'd expect that means they generally take longer to solve. Just because something isn't getting addressed this update doesn't make it lesser or lower priority than the things that are addressed in the patch. When planning an update we have to balance what we need to do with what we can fit. Those type of large scale adjustments are built from a variety of changes over a long period of time, not just one bullet point in one update note. Once we have the longer term plan out there for you guys to look at you'll see how some of these more meaty changes slot into the schedule.[/size]

Planetside 2 / Underslung grenade launcher
« on: December 27, 2012, 12:08:59 PM »
Reading up on forums at work, because work is dead (received 1 phonecall and 1 mail so far) and found this regarding the underslung GL bug:

According to technical support, the Developers have intentionally limited the grenade launcher attachment to one "resupply" from an ammo pack, after which it is supposed to stop reloading ammo. The "stop reloading ammo" part is bugged, and often either doesn't stop reloads or stops it TOO well and prevents the weapon it is attached to from reloading as well. They don't want grenade spam from grenade launchers...

So, it's intended that you can only reload your UGL from an ammopack once before having to resupply at an equipment terminal.

Think I'm going for the VX6 (vs. the Solstice SF) for my engi anyway. Maybe make a long range build with the battlerifle for specific situations. And will still have to mull over whether to make a Nova (shotgun) build or not. I'd need a 4th build slot for it (1) short range ammo - support; 2) long range ammo - support; 3) base defence - turret repper/gunner & AP mine; 4) CQC gung ho shotgun sprayer)

Planetside 2 / Stuff you need to know about PS2
« on: November 29, 2012, 11:49:27 AM »
  • Vehicles have very cheap ammo and zoom upgrades (1 cert each) that are deffo worth it.
  • Don't forget to equip upgrades to your vehicles before spawning one.
  • Vehicles have weaker side armour and even weaker rear armour. Top armour is also weaker than front.
  • (unverified) Station shields stop bullets, but don't stop explosions. So when firing HE shells at a shield, you will still hurt troops right behind it.
  • When jumping (or being forced to) from a galaxy, don't move until you hit the ground. This will make you land safely.
  • Ammo towers reload ground vehicles, landing pads reload air vehicles.
  • (incomplete) stat overview of weapons
  • Engineers can either have a medipack OR an ammo pack equiped
  • Galaxy tips&tricks
  • With IR scopes it's easy to detect mines
  • (unverified)MANA turrets can also be used as an ammo pack by pressing "B" by default when the turret is in your hands. This allows you to carry C4 or mines in the slot instead of the Ammunition Package.

If you have more, add below and I will update this post.

The Dog & Duck / It reproduced!!11!!1!1!11111!1
« on: June 16, 2012, 08:20:36 PM »

Raf was born this morning at 1 AM.
Gf and he are doing good :)

General Gaming / Interesting times for EVE online?
« on: January 31, 2012, 08:16:53 PM »
Article in Dutch:

Bottom line:
2 kids threatened another kid with a knife (so in real life) and made him give them some game items in the game Runescape.
The judge (and this went up to high court in the end) ruled that virtual game items are to be considered to have an economical value (because time and effort have been put into gaining these items [not in article, but heard this on tv]). Because of that, the above was considered theft and the boys were sentenced to community service.

If this ruling spirals further, shooting and destroying srsbsns space ships in EVE (that cost time and effort to get the ISK for) could be considered destruction of property and ransoming ships could be considered theft (let alone multi billion thefts that EVE has seen in corps, alliances and banks). True, there is no real life action in play, but it is essentially the same thing.

Curious where this will go...   ::)

The Dog & Duck / Saffy Jr.
« on: December 01, 2011, 04:31:22 PM »
After three and a half year of trying, we finally got a Saffy Jr. in the oven.
Has been simmering for 3 months, 6 to go.

The Dog & Duck / Because I'm bored
« on: October 07, 2011, 02:55:40 PM »
You know you’ve been in The Netherlands for too long when…

1/ You have a bike
2/ You even know how to brake using retropedaling
3/ Walking from your faculty to the cafeteria has become unimaginable. You take your bike, even if it’s for 50meters
4/ Eating 7 slides of bread for lunch doesn’t scare you anymore
5/ By the way, you stopped eating warm lunch. You just eat bread
6/ You know what a kroket is, and you learned to avoid the orange ones
7/ It doesn’t surprise you anymore to eat at 18:30
8/ You drink beer
9/ You got used to trance and electro music
10/ You don’t cheat on the train, because controllers are EVERYWHERE
11/ When the cafeteria is crowed, you line up neately with the others
12/ You used to use cash all the time, but now you have a pin card
13/ You think ducks are cute
14/ As soon as the sun pops out, you make a barbecue, even if it’s 10°C outside
15/ You think 15°C is warm
16/ You know winter stops in May, and not March as everywhere else
17/ You don’t remember what a moutain looks like
18/ You still don’t know how to speak Dutch. But your English has improved
19/ You know what Surinam is. And where it is
20/ You never go out without your bike lights
21/ You think butter in a bottle is normal
22/ You know that all the guys are in Delft. And the girls, everywhere else, especially Leiden
23/ You go to Leiden on Saturday
24/ You’ve been to a flower park, and thought it was cool
25/ You’re ok with having only one flavour of ice cream (the white ones)
26/ You don’t even bother to ask “do you speak English?”, you just speak English right away
27/ When you go to the cinema, you are ok with being told where to sit
28/ And you wouldn’t dare sit anywhere else
29/ You have finally accepted the fact that Gouda is cheese
30/ Paying 6€ for a meal in the cafeteria seems normal
31/ You know how to repair a bike
32/ You eat potatoes at least once a day
33/ You always check the weather before leaving home
34/ You know what it is being late and having to wait for a boat to cross the bridge
35/ You can drink milk at any time of the day
36/ Sometimes, you only drink milk as lunch
37/ You have tried karnemelk at least once
38/ You start liking dropjes
39/ For you something sweet means straubwaffels
40/ Spring means flowers blooming and construction sites opening up all over the place
41/ Being tall gets a new meaning
42/ Blonde is back to being a hair-color, not a concept
43/ you have 4 seasons in one day
44/ you can start a mail to your teacher who happens to be a doctor by “yo, wassup doc” (exaggeration can get the message through)
45/ You think that paying to use the toilets is normal.
46/ You know that kapsalon is not a typical turkish dish, but a hairdresser
47/ You start to think that the strange position of the hole in the WC is not that disgusting
48/ You find it easier to find a good joint that a good coffee
49/ You have the AH bonus card
50/ Your windows have no curtains, and you don’t care
51/ If your windows have curtains, you don’t use them, and just don’t care who might be looking at you
52/ For you, light rain is not rain
53/ Professors write a “well done” comment in your assignment and still grade you with a 6
54/ You can drink beer in the cinema (good)
55/ 10°C is warm enough to wear a short or mini skirt
56/ You can ride your bike in the rain, wind and even snow
57/ guys are very cute
58/ you can ride your bike wearing skirt (if you’re a girl), a suit or even high heels (if you’re a girl)
59/ When you start having strong opinion even if you vaguely know the topic
60/ When you “wash” the dishes with soap without rincing them
61/ “alstublieft and dank u wel” are the only dutch words you know
62/ You aren’t surprised anymore that the disco closes at 4 (but it still pisses you off)
63/ You learn to bike without using your hands on the handle
64/ You go to the market and you only buy the stuffs that fit in you bike
65/ Riding a bike and driking coffee/smoking/eating lunch at the same time is not a problem any more
66/ You reformulate the saying “if you drink, don’t drive” by “if you drink, don’t ride”
67/ You’ve been asked where the coffeeshop is
68/ You start wearing orange during soccer events, even when you’re not dutch
69/ You get used not to use napkins when eating. You just eat dirtily.
70/ You know what GVD stands for
71/ You can never predict the weather and can not believe the weather forecast anymore
72/ You wait for the light to go green before crossing the street, even if there is no car
73/ You sometimes eat only with a spoon
74/ You tried fried fish from the caravans at least once
75/ You clap the lecturer (just because he’s been speaking for 2 hours)
76/ You run to Albert Heijn at 21.55 to get some beer for the party that night
77/ Trees planted in straight rows/ aka the forest/ seems normal
78/ You think you understand why they don’t serve coffee at coffeeshops (but you’re not sure yet)
79/ You steal a bike at the station because the night before someone stole yours
80/ You think it is okay to eat multicoloured sprinkels on bread for breakfast
81/ You use to go to the supermarket
82/ You know that the wind blows in your face regardless of the direction in which you are biking
83/ You don’t even try to park in an unauthorised area just to ‘pick something up in 5min’, because you know you will get a ticket in 30secondes
84/ When you move out of your apartment, you know you might have to take the floors with you
85/ Stepping in doggiepoo on the sideawalk becomes almost a daily thing
86/ You end up eating super greasy food at 5am at FEBO or ALEV (Delft)
87/ And after that, you manage to bike home still completely wasted and go to class at 8:45
88/ You need an appointement to talk with your friends. Or your mother.
89/ You enjoy making tourists jump off the bike path
90/ You paid more for the lock of your bike than for the bike itselft
91/ Real bread? You’ve made your peace with it. It doesn’t exist
92/ You know that the Netherlands doesn’t have a special dish. They just fry everything
93/ You know getting a couch will be difficult because it doesn’t fit through the door. Windows maybe?
94/ You’re ok spending Queen’s Day in the train because people are walking on the rails
95/ Yap, Joost and Jeroen are the names of most of the Dutch guys you know
96/ when the sun pops up all your Dutch friends are wearing beach flip flops
97/ Dutch people ask you why don’t you speak Dutch?
98/ You still don’t speak Dutch but watch silly Dutch TV shows like Take me out and Single
99/ You have been in a relationship with at least one Dutch person
100/ You are used to people bumping into you abruptly on the street, yet never saying sorry

The Dog & Duck / Suicide for dummies
« on: October 07, 2011, 12:17:51 PM »

Saw this emergency heli circling in our neighbourhood, so with nothing better to do (read: procrastinating my ass off) I went to see what was up. Appears a local tattoo artist attempted suicide by...


driving his car through the wall of a public parking garage about 8 metres up...  ::)

By some miracle the car (old american one, so guess 1500kg or so) ended up top down, but this was 'luck' really. Might just as well have landed on its 4 wheels or w.e. Buuuut in the end, the emergency guys still pulled him out of the wreck alive. The roof had collapsed till carbody height, but rest of the car was pretty much intact still.
Heard from bystanders who were at the scene when it happened (or hearsay from) that his wife was at the scene, yelling loudly. He had already said his goodbyes to her. Tragic  :-[

Luckily noone happened to drive, walk or whatnot at the crashsite at the time, or he might just as well have taken a whole family with him, fucking nutcase... (parking lot was above a supermarket and he ended up just in front of the entrance of the parking).

Will post piccies as soon as they appear online.

(For the few locals reading this: was at the Albert Heijn at Hooigracht, car ended up at Middelstegracht)

Star Wars: The Old Republic / it's real!
« on: September 29, 2011, 08:13:16 AM »

The Dog & Duck / Your phonenumber on facebook
« on: August 11, 2011, 11:35:09 AM »
Saw this on facebook.

ATTENTION! PHONE NUMBERS OF ALL are now on Facebook! Click on Account, then Edit Friends, then on the far left of the screen Contacts. All phone numbers incl your drs, your mum, your bank etc are published. Please repost this on your Status, so your friends can remove their numbers (&mine). Please check yours and UNSYNC yr Blackberry or iPhone and delete the numbers. The instructions are on the right side of the screen.

I can see your number on facebook Garry. I can progress from e-stalking now!  :D

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