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The Dog & Duck / The joy's of actually im serious
« on: July 23, 2011, 04:37:52 PM »
I live in a village in suffolk and though we don't have the kind of weather alot of you Northern European chappies do this is the UK we are talking about , so it only takes a mild frost to bring everything to a halt  ::).
Anyway, my village is at the top of a hill so lots of rain or a mild amount of snow tends to completely cut off our two small narrow roads that give access to the outside world.
A few years back i purchased a Nissan X-Trail (the 2.5 petrol version) , had a snorkel fitted and bought a spare set of wheels on which i put winter tyres. This little semi-offroader has done me proud and has pulled me through situations that have seen certain larger off roaders stuck. With the current price of fuel it has been getting bloody expensive to keep it on the road so i bit the bullet 3 months ago and paid just under 1k Brit cash for a dual fuel LPG conversion. Ive been keeping tabs on my milage and fuel costs and can now say with a great deal of satisfaction that ... in the last quarter I have saved myself btwn £700 - £750 in fuel. My monthly spending on Go Go juice has halved and ive still got 3/4 of the tank of petrol that i filled up in Cornwall with back in early May...
I am now a fully fledged LPG anorak  ;)

EVE Online / Notes found whilst spring cleaning office
« on: February 23, 2011, 10:34:55 AM »
Wife finally nagged me into cleaning out the office yesterday.
Down behind one of my book cases I found a little note book that contained details of everything I had just prior to my giving up on EvE due to lack of time... below is a rough summary  of whats sitting idle on 3 frozen accounts..


30 mill + exp character Odin Zin
7 billion in cash
1 x orca  -  1 x chimera - 1 x rhea - 3 x badger II - 1 x hulk - 2 x raven - 1 x rokh - 1 x scorpion - 1 x golem - 2 x drake - 1 x ferox -
 2 x nighthawk - 2 x moa - 3 x osprey - 2 x cerberus - 1 x brick umm i mean charon.
plus god knows how much  in the way of modules of various descriptions

the other 2 accounts have a total of 4 15 million + exp characters at least 3 more hulks and another orca plus various fighting ships and another 2 billion cash oh and roughly 3 full charon loads of ore sitting in high sec where i mined but didnt sell prior to the accounts dropping off.

i really ought to get back in and play a bit. As we are moving in the next few months and 'she who must be obeyed' has said i can buy a new 3 screen rig to play around with maybe ill do just that  ;D

« on: April 24, 2010, 06:57:21 PM »
I have sold the character Chalcocite. So if you ser her on she is no longer me...
Another few Bill towards my supercarrier  ;D

EVE Online / A nice little earner !
« on: February 24, 2010, 09:17:51 PM »
When i stopped playing last year it would seem i forgot that on Hellfire i still had 1 research agent doing some research for me.
This evening whilst flicking through her Journal i came across the following line......

Itirikko Innishi : mechanical engineering : 3644.18 RP : 13.6 RP per day : lvl 1 : quality -15  : Inaro VII moon 4 Lai Dai corp factory

Not to bad when cores are 50 rp a pop. another 25 mill :-)

Other MMO's we have played / The guild
« on: February 23, 2010, 06:07:06 PM »
Would someone in a position of power care to sort out my privaledges (macrune) within our guild. I know very few people play anymore but with the current access ive got i cant access any of the storage tabs which is a little annoying.  ::)
  Thank yea kindly

EVE Online / Chimera reviewed....
« on: February 07, 2010, 06:19:18 PM »
im looking at chimera fit's for odin. He's not far off being able to fly one and my saving up is going fairly well so i hope to be in the market within 3 months.
Having reviewed a few old fits etc and updating for the skills odin will have by the time im ready to go im looking at something similar to the following..

The Dog & Duck / Books you've read that you think would make good films
« on: September 29, 2009, 12:57:02 PM »
No account should be taken of how complicated they would be to make or how costly etc etc.
Purely list them on their merits not how possible it would be to do.

Tom sharp  -  Riotus assembly.  
A black comedy book (no pun intended) about the appartide South African Police. Had me in stitches all the way through it.

Tom Clancy - Red Storm Rising.
A 1980's book about a 3rd world war. (written before the fall of the Berlin wall).  Would be a complete knightmare to film for a number of reasons but if done well i think it would be the war film to end all war films.

David Eddings - The Tamuli trilogy.
Good old fashioned sword and scorcery. I love all 6 Sparhawk books. They appeal to the fantasy adventurous little boy inside of me.  :P

David Eddings - Belgareth the sorcerer.
As above good old fashioned S&S.  ;D

These are in no particular order though given a choice i'd put Red Storm Rising first on my list. There are loads of others that i will mull over and add as i think of them.

EVE Online / Kasei BPO research
« on: August 27, 2009, 06:51:09 AM »
Hi guys,

Not sure how much longer ive got on Odin and Hellfire before their accounts close for the time being. My other two accounts have already dropped off the system .

I took Hellfire over to the POS in Antirri today to collect her BPO's so that i could put them in the corp store at moon 6 . It appears they have already been tidied up as they no longer appear to be there. Ive checked my various stores and i definately don't have them. Whomever is looking after them at present can you just put them in the corp store for me for everyone to use as I won't be needing them and it would be a shame to waste them by leaving them in my store.
Not sure how many there are but they were mostly Drones warrior, hobgoblin, vespa and garde plus a Drake and something else ship wise. (sorry but ive a memory like a leeky pan  ::)  so there maybe some more ive forgotten about )  

My Brother is an IT geek for a medium sized Broker in London. He has recently landed the Head of the IT Department job as his former boss is retiring at the end of August. (His former boss is 46...yes thats 46 and he's retiring. Its obscene how much some of these people get paid).

Anyhow as part of his shiney new roll he was informed that he could order himself a shiney new laptop to his own spec to 'help' him fullfill his new roll. He was NOT given a budget but told to either buy the bits and build one or buy one to the spec he required.

Below is the item he brought round to show me today when he visited... smug smile included  >:(

COLOUR CHOICE Alienware M17x Gaming Laptop - Nebula Red
PROCESSOR Intel® Core™ 2 Quad Q9100 (2.26GHz,1066MHz FSB,12MB L2 Cache)
OPERATING SYSTEM Genuine Windows Vista® Ultimate SP1 (64 BIT)
LCD 17-inch Wide UXGA 1920 x 1200 - Beyond HD (1200p) Display
MEMORY 8192MB 1333MHz Dual Channel DDR3 SDRAM [2x4096]
HARD DRIVE 320GB (7200 RPM) Free Fall Sensor Raid 0 "Stripe" Dual HDD - (2x160GB)  
OPTICAL DRIVE Internal Blu-Ray RW (Blu-Ray, DVD and CD read & WRITE) Optical Drive with Software
PRIMARY BATTERY 9-cell 85Whr Lithium Ion battery

below  is a picture of his beast.

General Gaming / Evony
« on: August 20, 2009, 12:10:35 PM »
Any of you guys seen this.
Its a simpler version of Age of Empires in an online multiplayer form with lots of different servers.
Its free, with no huge download and quite fun actually. A friend of mine told me about it so iVE joined, started to build a city and joined an alliance. It takes a long time to get anywhere (not nearly as long as EvE) but still quite drawn out.
In my city im currently researching archery lvl 8 (65 hrs) and building city walls lvl 8 (45hrs) . Its one of those 'do several bits , walk away and come back a few hrs later to check and do some more.

EVE Online / Cancelation
« on: August 04, 2009, 04:10:53 PM »

On the down side  :-\
As and when my various eve and LoTRO accounts come to the end of their current paid periods i shall be suspending the lot. Im not currently playing them really so there is no point in shelving out more cash for no reason.

On the upside  :)
Ive preordered Champions online and intend to find the time somewhere in order to give it a go .



several days ago whilst happily lvl 4 missioning in my Nighthawk my 14 month old decided to throw up over the sofa and carpet.
Off i run to clear it up. Whilst scrubbing away at the mess i suddenly realise ive left my toon mid battle  :o.
A swift visit to the PC reveals that my much prized ship is now only so much debris and im floating around in a pod.  ::)

after some rapid salvage operations and a quick calculation i work out im approx 200 mill down :-\


Last night, or rather around 4 am this morning my youngest decides he isnt going to sleep any more and wants to scream the house down. Rather than wake everyone else up i bring him downstairs into my office at the back of the house out of the way. I decide a little lvl 4 missioning is the order of the day as i can't do much else whilst holding him.
So i pull out my Cerb (i hadnt bothered to replace the nighthawk) and off i go. Very quickly the reason for my youngests screaming becomes apparent when whilst sitting on my lap he promptly throws up all over my keyboard and mouse.  Off i run to grab some kitchen roll in a heroic damage limitation attempt. In The two minutes it takes me to mop up the worst guess what happens? Yup you guessed it. My Cerb is now only so much salvage floating around and im back in my egg for the second time in 3 days   >:(

The moral of this story dear friends.... Don't do anything above a lvl 3 when you're juggling rugrats single handed.  ::)

The total cost you ask?  well in total im down just over 400 mill. And thats after ive taken off what little i was able to recover  ::)

The Dog & Duck / And so it begins again!!!
« on: June 07, 2009, 11:34:28 AM »
Having now been up for approx 32 hrs I can now announce that there is another little Mac out in the world.

I can now have my own personal 5 aside team  ;D

General Gaming / HOI III
« on: May 16, 2009, 04:46:33 PM »
avail on steam from 4 th August.


Play as any nation from 1936 to 1948, more than 150 countries to choose from.
Control the oceans with aircraft carriers, submarines and battleships and use your air force to defend your skies, support your naval and ground forces, and to bomb your enemies
Thousands of historically accurate real-world military commanders and politicians.
Realistic military command AI with unprecedented levels of interaction
In-depth diplomatic and political system.
Historical accuracy combined with an unparalleled level of freedom of choice
More than 10,000 land provinces makes the game five times more detailed than HoI2 and the most detailed depiction of World War 2 ever made.
Customize your divisions in detail with more than 20 types of brigades
New economic system makes it possible to buy weapons from abroad.
Mobilization and reserves gives the option of surprise attacks, Blitzkrieg made real.
Government-in-exile makes it possible to continue to struggle from abroad with underground movements and uprisings against the oppressing power.
Strategic warfare system makes it more important to defend the skies and oceans against foreign attacks; leaving cities open to enemy bombing will now be devastating.
A completely new intelligence system, with several types of intelligence sources, makes it possible to get information about enemy reserves and troop movements.
Assign troops to "theatres" on the map to fight two-front wars more successfully.
The new AI system and more detailed map will allow for more strategic decisions.
Flexible technology system with hundreds of categories, where major powers get their own unique attributes

Oh dear guess what im going to be doing till the early hours of the morning when this comes out  ::)

A   Mexican, an Arab, and a Brit are in the same bar. 

When  the  Mexican finishes his beer, he throws his glass in the air,  pulls out his pistol, and shoots the glass  to pieces. He says,  'In Mexico , our glasses are so cheap we don't  need to drink with  the same one twice.' 

The   Arab, obviously impressed by this, drinks no-alcohol beer (cuz he's a  muslim!), throws it into the  air, pulls out his AK-47, and shoots  the glass to pieces. He says, 'In  the Arab World, we have so much sand to make  glasses that we don't  need to drink with the same one twice  either.'   


The  Brit, cool as a cucumber, picks up his beer, downs it in one  gulp,  throws the glass into the air, whips out his 45, and shoots  the  Mexican and the Arab. Catching his glass, setting it on the bar,  and  calling for a refill,he says,
'In Britain we have so many fucking illegal  immigrants that we don't have to drink with the  same ones  twice.'     

God  Bless Great Britain

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