Author Topic: What other MMO's have you played?  (Read 13450 times)

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What other MMO's have you played?
« on: October 10, 2008, 03:01:01 PM »
It came up last night in our Sewers group and lead me to wondering, what other MMO's have folks played?

I myself have been on the following:

Star Wars Galaxies longest runner to date, over 2 years largely due to all my real life mates playing so we would all go one skype and laugh and chat while we played. In the end we all packed it in after they changed the entire game yet again. Having spent months working the path to Jedi they suddenly made it so anyone could play Jedi from level 1 and in disgust we all cancelled.

Eve, I got talked into this but never really saw the point. Nice enough game but seemed over the top you had to pay to play it. Especially as a lot of it could be done without even being at the machine. Maybe lasted 3 months here.

World of Warcraft, likely at the moment my second longest run on a MMO. Did a longish spell then quit for about a year, then re-subbed when the first expansion came out, lasted perhaps 6 months before I got annoyed with it again and quit for the second time. Stands as the only game I've quit twice.

Lord of the Rings Online, liked this one but got a bit bored of the same monsters and lack of the real epic feel lasted about 4 months. Was tempted to go back if Warhammer hadn't come out.

Pirates of the Burning Sea, oh what a mistake that was, pretty much did my 30 days. Enjoyed the game when it would work but chronic Lag during boarding actions put me off in the end as it was unplayable. Considering this was instanced solo fights with no other players too and yet WAR I can be at a keep with loads of folks on screen and still play. Nice concepts in the game though but in the end the poor coding put me off.

Outwith paid for I have been in a few Beta's too. Nice cos I'd get passed the novelty stage of the game to see if I liked it and in the end would find I wasn't that hooked so saved me wanting them.

Auto Assault, just didn't work for me.
City of Heroes, fun to start with but got repetitive
Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean, to be fair never actually planned to get this just got a chance to play in the beta so thought it would be fun (it wasn't).

Lastly and before all of the above I played on a rather unique NeverWinter Nights server. It was a persistent set of servers one run by a bank of machines in a guys garage in America, the world evolved and they even built a mod for crafting, long before I had even heard of MMO's (thought they were around). Designed for folks to roleplay but had some brilliant stories develop run by live guys acting as GM's and an ongoing war between 2 factions. They also added content on a hugely regular basis and had more species as playable than any MMO I've seen. Not bad for guys purely funded by non compulsory player donations.

Anyway that's the lot.

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #1 on: October 10, 2008, 03:27:08 PM »
NWN, WoW and Eve.

NWN was nice... but meh...

WoW got boring and guild changed direction when I was out of game due to housing and connection issues.

Eve was just too damn static. I hated the fact that you couldn't actually fly your vessel with AWSD... couldn't live with just point and click space travel.
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #2 on: October 10, 2008, 03:44:34 PM »
Good read. I also like to see people's background, or 'gaming credentials' lol.

Sorry for the image spam that's coming up. I have a lot of really great memories of FFXI. So hmm let's see I've played.

- Ultima Online on several different shards. Mostly I played this while I was at uni, for maybe a 9 months - a year.

- Final Fantasy XI. Baptism of fire into the brave new world of online RPGs. Played for ~2 years on Fairy server. Level 75 MNK (and a smattering of other jobs). Notable acheivments: Camping Mee Deggi and getting my O.Kote at 41 at the height of the gilsellers reign. Farming Batallia Downs and Qufim Island until I was blue in the face for my 11 mil Cross Counters. Man was I ever pimp, I died a LOT. Tanks hated me, and healers even more and then when I hit 75 they expected me to put on a dress and start chi blasting stuff, and dutifully I did.

Here's the only picture of me in somewhat high level gear showing off my Shura Zunari Kabuto (the silly hat). I'm not sure if I ever did get the Shura Haidate that I so craved.


The classic FF GFs were amazing in FFXI. I'm not soloing Ifrit here, I've got help (really!)

Here's my awesome LS killing Jormungand

Here's a messy one of my LS killing Vrtra (server first!) my most proud accomplishment of any game to date. Eldrien in the foreground is my wife. I'm in the mess somewhere smacking a skeleton (Leldoran).

Happy days

- World of Warcraft. I played WoW and quit no less than... 3 times in the what was it, 3, 3.5 years since US open beta? I don't know. I've played rogue to 50ish, 3 priests (40, 50, 70), 2 warriors (40, 70), hunter to 70. This game was a f*cking drug. I'm certain I'll go back when WOTLK is out. My toon profiles are in my sig. I played mostly for PvP - best arena rating I managed was 1805 I think in S2, quit sometime during S3, being messed up by rogues with dual warglaives was no fun, not that it's the reason I quit.

- LOTRO. Curious ass game. Played very casually - Guardian and Champion to 35, Captain to 30.

- Eve. Played for a week or two. Not for me, but amazing concept. It's the kind of game I used to dream of back when I was a kid playing Frontier : Elite II.

- City of Heroes. Played an Emp Defender to... I'm not sure, about 2/3 to cap. Kind of fun, I like the way grouping is implemented in this game, because it's the only game IMO that has actually managed to make groups easy to make and find the whole way throughout the game. I'd say even WAR with it's much vaunted PQs has failed in that respect.

- AoC. Played a HoX to 50 or so, and a ToS to idk 40 or so, before I realised that there was no point. Nice game actually, a lot better than most people give it credit for. I actually prefer the PVE mechanics to WAR, but they just screwed up on the content front. Also waaaaay to few titties on show consider what it was marketed to be :D

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #3 on: October 10, 2008, 05:09:15 PM »
guild wars for 2 hours

aoc for 3 weeks or so lvl 42 assasin

warcraft for 3 years

lotro lifetime sub so can always go back

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #4 on: October 10, 2008, 05:19:22 PM »
Good thread, always good to see where people have been in the past regarding such community based games. Without further ado here are my previous;

Planetside: My first MMO. Started playing back in 2004, and I was totally blown away by it. Vast battles with futuristic tanks, aircraft and suited soldiers. Was a pure joy to log in, drop pod into a fight, or jump from a transport with the Outfit of which I was a member (I was on the Werner server, New Conglomerate side) and drop onto the roof of a base or a tower and take it over. Some of fights I had were very very intense, back and forths between various bases across the continents for entire afternoons and evenings at a time. Shame its an SOE game and well we all know what SOE do with the real shiners in their care...

Star Wars Galaxies: Did not play this much, but when I did, it was for the crafting - the system was really good and amazingly wide open. Couldnt buy into it too much, as I found the player cities cropping up at landmark places to be really annoying and at the time life was also in my way!

City Of Heroes: Fun for a couple of months, but really grindy.

World of Warcraft: As with most people here, this became my sole MMO for a couple of years. Played a dwarf warrior (how original!), and generally had a good time. There's a whole history with me and that game, but suffice to say I had fun, the pve content was great, the pvp lacklustre and inane (no point to it, no reason to do it really) and I came across some good people. Eventually turned myself off the game and thats that.

Lord of the Rings Online: Was in Closed Beta, and eventually moved into Live with it too. Great game set in a great world. Loving the high fantasy side of the genre as I do, this game really shines for me. I just went through a phase of being tired of leveling games and this suffered as a consequence. Still pick it up from time to time (Lifetime subscriber) and play about with my characters in it.

Tabula Rasa: Bad. Seriously bad. Such a good idea too, yet executed horribly.

EVE Online: My on-off-on again relationship with this game has lasted since 2004. Its a good game to load up and go make someone cry in. Be it stealing their stuff or "pvping" via the market and undercutting their profits. My playstyle has evolved from total carebear to border lands inhabitant who likes to fly bait battleships and let me alt accounts warp in and kill the foolish. Currently I am logging my accounts to skill train, until I have the time to go back and enjoy it some more.

So there we have it.
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #5 on: October 11, 2008, 12:26:51 PM »
WoW: I played for 2.5 years. Pretty hard core raiding until my wow-burnout some months ago. I still subscribe but the only thing I do is sell stuff on AH that will be outdated when WotLK hits. I will probably check out the death knights but as it feels now I do not see myself going back.
LotRO: The game was ok I guess. I played a bard but couldn't accept the instant switch between lute and sword. Too illogical even for a fantasy game.
Tabula Rasa: I so much wanted it to be good but what a failure.
AoC: I happily played a bear shaman to lvl 24 and then realized the amazing lack of content. No incentive to team up etc. I do like the melee system.

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #6 on: October 11, 2008, 10:48:21 PM »
My First MMO was Asherons call many years ago, I was very very noobie, but I still loved the monthly content patches with the changeing seasons that it brought to the game, plus we got snowmen! I also learnt the very very wise mantra, NEVER do ANYTHING IMPORTANT on PATCH DAY!!

I am not sure what I played next, erm think it might have been AC2, bit of Horizons, beta tested Saga of Rhyzom. Over the years I have also dabbled in CoH, LotRO. Oh I played the heck out of Phantasy star online on the dreamcast too!

My big MMo love was DAoC, to me that was a perfect place and I can still mentally walk from one end of Hibernia to the other. I think that place will stay with me forever. it tought me about socialising in game, and how great people can be. I was an officer in the guild Iron Wolves, I still keep our guild foprums open, but sadly, over the years people have diverged somewhat, and its a shame.I also learnt how to set a mean Ground target under fire:-) Sadly there were several BIG mistakes made by GOA and also by Requiel (Yes I am still bitter hehe)and after those we lost a lot of people, and an RvR game needs a certain population. Last I heard my old server had 5 people on it.

So I played WoW... I mean who hasn't? I was asked to help start a friendly casual guild at lvl 3, so nabs and I helped out and .... we ended up as senior officers in the second highest advanced raiding guild on the server. Big change from DAoC and after a couple of years I had burnt out completely. Being healing officer in raids plus healing, plus a lot of other things I am sure you are all aware of really killed any fun, and I turned into the bitch from hell, which I am not and I hated it:-) Nabs and I left when the expansion came out and never looked back.

So thats my gaming history:-) The members of my old DAoC guild are playing WAR on  8Peaks with a load of old prydwenites, We came here cos we got the wrong server hehe BUT we intend to stay here, as you can;t keep reliving the past!

edit:-) Knew I would forget one... Pirates of the burning sea, best thing about that was the ability to have guild sails, I designed one for our guild, Iron wolves, it looked nice, sadly the game was horrible:-)
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #7 on: October 12, 2008, 07:18:22 AM »
My first MMO was DAoC.  Like Nush, I think that game was perfect (was in those days anyway  ;D)  Grinding to level, almost no quests.  Loads of downtime after each pull to regain power. The combination of them 2 made that we knew a lot of people very well, you need them to level and have time to chat between the pulls.  Also the place I met Nush  ;)

After DAoC we went to WoW,  See Nush for the story hehe,  I still remember that person asking us to make a casual guild ....

After WoW went to Phantasy Star, but was to laggy for me and no budget for an upgrade ...

Then cam LoTRO which we played for a while.

And finally to Pirates of the Burning Sea,  I liked the game but our old guild leader killed it for me I think ... Long story won't tell you more  :P

While we were waiting for Warhammer to come out we played Titan Quest.  It's a great game imo!

I think we'll play Warhammer for a very long time,  I emjoy every second so far that I'm online  :D

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #8 on: October 12, 2008, 07:56:45 AM »
I could pretty much copy/paste Torgals post for myself..   although some differences..

My first MMORPG experience started before Uni (err..  1998)..     with Ultima Online..       After playing legit for 18 months,   I entered the world of UO Shards :)

I actually loved UO so much,   I worked on a project to create a UO-Emulator-Server called "SphereServer",  I was actually the lead developer for a while..        I then moved over to the RunUO development team when we hit some legal issues :)

PS.  I still have the full source code to 0.55i Sphere-server, if anyone with C-Script experience wants to see the best-written AI script on the planet!

On the side of this, I was the GM/Dev/Creator of 3 UO Shards called "Obsidian", "Eternal Myst" and "Letara"..         Loved it to pieces..        Nothing can ever hope to replace those memories..   

I would spend hours scripting new monsters..      with a ton of effects, special abilities and funky AI :)

My favourite creation was a red wisp called a "Revenant" that would track you down and when it got close would explode into 10 tiny wisps that showered you in a rain of fireballs..             

You were guaranteed that any new player would be curious and whack it :)

Leaving UO,    I joined Torgal on FFXI..        I played a RDM (Red Mage) to about 52..          However my experience consisted of logging in about 5pm and being LFG for next 3 hours,    only to get going and someone leave 15 minutes later......      Great game but you need patience...      However I missed of all the end-game, so I regret that...

Anyhow,  new things were on the horizon...        Unfortunately unlike Torgal I didnt get into the US Beta of WoW...    So I spent weeks listening to his daily reports with insane anticipation of EU Beta...     Unfortunately because Torgal had a US-copy of WoW,  he continued to play on the US Servers (You mad man!!!)  and I started on EU...

Started Alliance,     GNOME WARLOCK!!    Capped him...      Continued to cap a Night-Elf Restro Druid and Dwarf Tank...

Then I quit for 3 months,  came back Horde.... capped an Undead Warlock and did tons of Endgame..   

Coincidently,    I had taken a 9 month break from WoW since my wife (now ex) was pregnant..      and shortly after he was born,   Torgal saw the light and decided to come back to WoW (from FFXI) ..        Where we both played Horde..

This time I capped a Undead Warlock,   Tauren Feral Druid and by far my favourite...    Blood Elf Paladin (oh she was sexy!)

I did a ton of Arena with Torgal with Warlock,     really enjoyed it..    but between the games where I was shite,   or we got destroyed by combos that we just literally couldn't do anything against...      our motiveation died...

Anyhow,  my best achievement in WOW was getting the full set of Purple S&M Armour for my female Blood-Elf Paladin

Which was impressive,  because in the Arena they turned my Paladin into a Power-ranger!

So leaving WoW,    I took a long break..    Well I experienced life without MMORPGS..            and was amazed at how nice it was to have time in the evenings :)

I had a brief spell at Eve with Torgal,    that was interested and I think its got amazing potential.....    I grinded my arse-off for 8 weeks,   ended up with a big f-off Battlecruiser that looked the dogs-bollox..    but I lost it a routine mission to ship some letters thru 0.0 sector...          Sigh..

Also played "Age of Conan",  but even though I spent 2-3 months playing it..        Hitting Level 50 something with my Bear Shaman,        I eventually got fed up with the bugs,  lack of content and lack of...  everything..   

Sorry for long post..

Let me just summarise though..

Since starting my first MMORPG,   I have:

Gone through 1 wife,  5 girlfriends,    2 cars,    3 house-moves,   3 different jobs and over 10 new PC's..

My total ingame played in WoW was over a year ...      which according to popular statistics is more time then i'll ever spend on the tiolet for the rest of my life :)


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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #9 on: October 12, 2008, 02:51:27 PM »
Hmmm, a total list of mmo's ive played over the years.

Well lets see. I started with a Little one that was produced by one guy on his own. The game was Xenimus and the guy was E.J. Thayer.
 :o scarey that i can remember that after all this time. My main character was called Gaspode (cleric) and he was in the top 10 high level characters on the game for quite some time.  I eventually got fed up with him and gave him away to an online friend and i think he got passed around a number of people who used and abused his poor little lizard body. Ive no idea if the game or the character even exist any more.
Then i moved on to DAoC where my main was a bard.  Loved the game and still have lots of fond memorys of running around with my group of mates.
After that i took a small break though i still continued to play a game called planetarion (or similar). manys the night i set my alarm clock to 2 or 3 am just so i could get up and either start an attack or see the results of one i had set off earlier.
Then i managed to get a Beta place in WoW where i leveled an elf hunter.When the game went live i leveled a number of characters and played the game up until about 8 months ago. At the end I had level 70's of Rogue, Ferral Druid (elf) - hunter, warrior (dwarf) - warlock, paladin (human) and  shaman, warrior (orc). I played over two servers  (Balnazar & Dunemall) and had two WoW accounts.
I gave those accounts to my niece (whom still plays them i believe) and moved to LoTRo.
I stayed with that for about 3 months until i got bored then purchased AoC when that came out.
AoC = bug city and on the full PvP servers i played on it was a complete gankfest. needless to say i jumped at the chance to get in Warhammer Beta.
Ive played the Warhammer tabletop game on and off for 15 years or more ( i still have a 12000 point fully painted dwarf army and 7000 point fully painted dark elf army in my loft somewhere).
So far so good.  Yes there are teething issues with Warhammer but I work on the premise of giving it 12 months for a game i like the look of.  And so far so good.
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #10 on: October 13, 2008, 12:42:00 AM »
My first ever MMO was Star Wars Galaxies. Started pre-CU. Had a Master Bounty Hunter/Master Carbineer on the Farstar server. And it was goood :D

Then NGE hit. One week before I was due to unlock :( That changed it for me really. Played for a couple of weeks, but couldn't get in to it, and the great guild I was in fell apart as a result of it. My toons are still alive, and every now and then I resub for about a week, then get bored and stop playing :D

Then I played WoW for about 3 years, meeting Beo, Keggi, Caradir and Goatboy, along with many others. I've only just cancelled my sub. Had/have 2x 70 Pallies, 70 Shammy, 70 Hunter and 65 Mage, as well as some other alts in the 20-40 range. I'll play until my sub runs out at the end of the month, as I want to see the new content patch, but I broke my WoW addiction a while back, so am not shackled to it.

Then I did Lotro for a bit, with the above crew :D And now I'm here in WAR :D

Oh, and I played City of Heroes and Planetside in small doses amongst that lot also!

Now I mostly play a MMOW (Massively Multiplayer Offline Wargame), Warhammer 40k :D

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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #11 on: October 13, 2008, 11:09:36 AM »
My first MMO...wasn't. :) It was actually a MUD, called Midnight sun. (Yes, it's still around, and according to a RL friend who still logs in from work there's still around 20 people regularly online, that defy the pull of animations. :)
I played that for -years- I think about 4 years, switching classes regularly, at one point (illegally) creating a second character, and finally, after having seen all of the game multiple times, becoming "wizard". I've never been very big at coding, and the area that I had in mind is still half-finished on the harddisk of a pentium-1 somewhere. It would have had skaven in it though! ;)

After experiencing that addiction, I've stayed away for years from anything like it. Only when I almost finished my studies I tried out WoW, and, justas I expected, it grabbed me like the digital heroine it is. My sub is still ongoing, though I haven't logged on for a couple of weeks now. In the end I played two "mains" (one switching between all priest specs, but mainly holy for raiding, the other a feral druid) in a BT guild (together with Angelor, Desi, Preds, Pythias and Vigil). I also have a couple of alts at level 70: a gnome warrior and warlock. Then there's a shaman at 64 and a rogue somewhere mid 30s - like many, I had been a bit bored in WoW, and levelling alts until Warhammer comes out.
Oh, and I used to play horde in WoW-Vanilla. Got a level 60 rogue in part Bloodfang, and a level 60 mage in nub-60 gear. :)
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #12 on: October 13, 2008, 08:58:09 PM »
My first, good ole Magestorm (an ole mythic classic infact) Myth of Soma and Legend of Mir where I played the feild and was never really hardcore, still a youngen at the time but I made some fantastic freinds many of whom I followed into Anarchy Online.

Anarchy Online is where I started my first guild "Rage" we where the surge of the low level pvp twinks a small guild dedicated to tower taking at the bottom end. We made some very VERY bad as toons together. I had one of the first level 30 Enfs with a Stygion(sp) and that Guardian tank armor? been a long time. Either way we kicked ass and took names all over the shop. The problem was that all my freinds where americans and staying awake until 4am to keep towers defended was getting a little much.

I buggerd off to Wow for the longest time. I played NOTHING but druid for the god knows how many years and guilds I played that game, when I say nothing but druid I mean I had level 60-70 druids for each tree. I was druid class leader and even if I do say so myself prerhaps the most comprehensive druid expert and pvper in existance (yea I'm sorry, I was pretty good though). My main, debase was unbeatable after the feral buff. Happy times.

Several guilds and many freinds later I got bored and when looking for pastures green. a Breif and confusing stint on Eve left me with Lotro where I went hunter and enjoyed middle earth for a while. However theres just somthing not quite right about that game. It dosn't seem to achieve what Anarchy Online and WoW did for me. Despite enjoying it after exploring all the content once around and having a good bash at the pvp I quickly buggerd off.

Then, WAR!!
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #13 on: October 20, 2008, 09:13:05 AM »
If we're counting NWN, then I suppose I started with that, though the Australian internet what in a sufficiently primitive state back then that I only ever played it at LAN parties. And even then that was if you could get the right crowd, because mostly what people played in LAN parties back then was Half Life.

I started playing World of Warcraft one week after EU release and only waited that long because we were switching ISPs. I began with an undead mage but when my guild disbanded six months later I created a night elf druid and joined Beosvir's guild, and I've stayed with the guilds that grew out of it ever since.

I tried City of Villains and played it for all of two sessions. It just didn't measure up.

Though it's mainly the Warhammer 40K universe I like, I always planned to try Warhammer Online when it came out. Having run out of things to do in WoW, and what with Warhammer Online being out, I figured now was the time.

So far I like it a lot, though I'm aware I'm not participating much in the main point of it (the RvR stuff) and I suspect it will get better. Unfortunately my 4 year old PC is really struggling to run it.

I have a warrior priest, which is probably a good class to play in scenarios when your PC can render more than one frame per three seconds in a fight. I've also created a Chaos Marauder and I have to tell you, the first time I clicked on the button and mutated my arm, my mouth fell open in wonder.
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Re: What other MMO's have you played?
« Reply #14 on: October 20, 2008, 10:02:54 AM »
Well there let's see ...

I started with text MUDS - Nanvaent, Perilous Realms etc. Did quite well in PR but the main wizard (Death - how goth that was) found a new game called 'Everquest'.

EQ and I had an on-off affair for about 3 years. I capped multiple characters, 60 War, 60 Shm, then 70 Monk & Necro. I stopped playing after finishing up Planes of Power. I still think the original EQ + RoK was one of the genre defining games and had a lot of fun. Much of which involved playing with American guilds till 4am. This wasn't especially good for my sanity.

Moved onto EQ2, but it never stuck. I still have a sub there, and log on every so often, but never capped a character and it's just really an opportunity to have a wander around and see how the UI has evolved. It's pretty slick - integrated voice chat, ToK like companion book, a lot of bells and whistles and runs pretty smoothly as well. As always next to no useful PVP in EQ.

Then came EvE. I loved EvE, it took the economist in me and said , here you go modelboy fly a spacefleet. A few of us were the first people to create player stations in 0.0 space as part of the ISS group. We flew pirate for a while after that and then joined one of the larger 0.0 alliances and held a chunk of the south. This really lit my RVR fire. I loved the cooperation, team work and organisation required to start an effective corporation and be an alliance member. I still occasionally wonder about going back to EVE (but all that training I've missed in the 4 years I've been away!!) , and it makes me happy that it's still going and that guildies here are into it.

After this I had a little WoW fixation. TBC came out about three months or so after I started playing, so I got a shaman to 70 and a shadow priest to 70. I've got to say, after a while I started to get really really bored - I'm not a PVE guy and the idea of 'daily quests' or grinding for hours just to get a certain mount really turned me off. I played on a US server (bloodscalp) because the friend who brought me into WOW works for JPL in California, and it was more a useful way of keeping in touch with him than anything else. I think my total time in WOW was 6 months, maybe 8.

And here's Warhammer AOR. A bit like EQ, a bit like EVE, a lot like the Warhammer 40K and WFRP I grew up with (actually it was 'Rogue Trader' back then). How could I resist?